Parker's Chimney

Chimney Cleaning in the Harrisonville, MO, and Overland Park, KS, Area


Family owned and operated, we provide exceptional Chimney Cleaning, Maintenance, Inspections, and Repair Services.

​  Q: How often should you have your Chimney Cleaned?

  A:​ ​Generally if you burn wood it is good to have your Chimney Cleaned  

       ​every 60 fires. Burning green wood and mild winters play a roll in

​       needing your Chimney Cleaned more often. You should have your

​       Chimney Inspected yearly. Having your Chimney Cleaned and

​       Inspected is very important to make sure you are free of blockage

​       and soot build up which can lead to flue fires and carbon monoxide

​       entering into your living area.


Chimney Cleaning & Inspections

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Caps & Dampers

Chimney Crowns

Chimney Relining Stainless & Masonry

Wood & Pellet Stove Cleaning

Animal Removal

Water Sealing

​Wood burning Inserts


HomeSaver Pro & UltraPro are the best liners in the industry.

HomeSaver's patented construction is unsurpassed in flexibility and strength. This dependable, high-quality product comes with the best lifetime warranty in the industry.

​Service area


Western KS:

Anderson county KS. including- Garnett, KS.,

Bourbon county KS. including- Fort Scott, KS.

Franklin county KS. including- Ottawa KS., Wellsville, KS.

Linn County KS. including- Lynn Valley, KS., La Cygne, KS.,

 Mound City, KS., Parker, KS., Pleasanton, KS.,

Miami county KS. including- Fontana, KS., Louisburg, KS.,

Osawatomie, KS., Paola, KS. 

Johnson county KS., including- Overland Park, KS., Olathe, KS.,
Lea Wood, KS., Shawnee, KS.


Eastern MO.:

Bates county MO. including - Adrian, MO., Archie, MO.,

Butler, MO., Drexel, MO., and all surrounding towns

Cass county MO. including- Harrisonville, MO.,

GardenCity,    MO., Freeman, MO.,and all surrounding towns

Henry county MO. including- Clinton MO., Deepwater MO.,

Urich MO., Montrose MO., including surrounding towns

Jackson county MO. including- Independence, MO.,

Blue Springs, MO., Lee Summit MO., and surrounding towns

Vernon county MO. including- Nevada MO., and surrounding towns



Standard Cleaning&Level 2 video Inspection$150 
each addition flue in the home is $100

Level 2 video inspection  $100

If your insert stove has to be removed for

Cleaning or Inspection there will be an additional $50 fee.

Estimate  Fees $75 
In some cases we will credit your estimate charge towards your chimney repairs.

Water Seal Chimney Avg. cost $200

Chimney Caps  Avg. cost $150

Top Sealing Dampers Avg. cost $250
For your bigger Chimney Repairs such as Crown work,

Chimney Relines, custom Chimney Caps we will need to come out and do a visual inspection.